Seniors Win PowderPuff Game!

The Star-Spangled Seniors beat the General Juniors 7-0 in the annual Powderpuff football game Nov. 24. Under the lights on a windy night on Gerrity Memorial Field, with the HHS band playing on the sidelines, the winning touchdown was scored by Hana Chahid.

Senior Coach Shane Fallon credits the whole team with pulling together. “The reason we won is that we played well as a team and didn’t rely on just a few standout players.”

Powderpuff is a fun one-hand touch football game between the Junior and Senior girls. Both gradesspent weeks practicing for the big game. Seniors are usually the favorit, perhaps because many of themĀ  have the experience of playing junior year under their belts.

“We definitely knew what was going on and instead of just trying to get a feel of the game, we got right into the plays,” said senior Amy Leonard. “We were familiar with the whole thing.”

The juniors this year put up a good challenge, according to players on both sides.

“For the whole game it was very fair,” Leonard said. “No matter what, seniors (usually) win but we won that game fair and square.”

“We had some nice offensive plays, and we were close to scoring a lot of times,” said junior Kayla McMahon. “The senior defense was really good so it was hard for us to run the ball long. ”

There is no prize for winning other than bragging rights and glory for the rest of the school year.

“Our players left their hearts on the field and made us coaches proud,” said Junior Coach Joe Byrne.

Watch a student-made video about the game.





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